Strict tests

Products are monitored at each step of the process.

Securing compliance

Several tests and inspections take place in R.B. to fulfil conformities in each step of the process. Several machineries, based on continuous monitoring systems, support us to reach this goal.


A wide range of products.

Rivets, pins, cams, screws and studs: a wide range of standard and tailor-made products.

Rusconi Bixio is specialized in the production of tailor-made fasteners.

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Our must

The importance of quality

Qualified and monitored products

The production chain in R.B is managed to minimize possible errors, thanks to frequent controls performed by our operators at each step, quality gates and modern tools able to avoid errors from the cold forming process.
Thanks to our easy and versatile corporate structure we are confidence in the product and high-quality services that we are supplying.


Effective and efficient


Dimensional and metallurgical control systems

We perform strict dimensional controls on each batch, with the help of go-non go gauges, comparators, dies, measuring projector, vision measuring systems and sorting machines. We can totally satisfy the costumers’ specifications thanks to all the above-mentioned controls systems, which allow us to evaluate every dimension specification with extreme precision.
It is also possible to certify certain metallurgical properties and coating thickness thanks to several collaborations with our partners.


An “ID” card for every product

Product traceability

We know the history of each of our product

We monitor our products from raw material through all the production chain, up to the delivery to the costumer: each step of this process is controlled to minimize every error.
In case of any problem, our product traceability system makes possible to retrace each step.
Everything has a history: we can recall the raw material lots, the manufacturing steps, the operators who worked on it, the quality controls and the treatment performed by our partners.


Advanced controls

Measuring devices

Vision measuring systems

Standard gauges are often not precise enough for complex pieces. For this reason the quality department of R.B. can count on two vision measuring systems. These systems allow to measure with certitude all the dimensions such as radius, grades, marks and complex shapes.


Quality piece by piece

Our machining equipment

Frequent automatic controls

All our cold forming machinery are equipped with terminals who read and analyse high performance digital signals. The terminal monitors the cold forming process to detect errors, to improve quality and productivity. Separator systems in every machinery allow daily production’s separation in different sub-batches, further improving quality control.