A highly-qualified process flow

Quality step by step

Internal production means reliable supplier!

With our internal organisation and management tools, we follow step by step every processing stage to monitor quality control and delivery times. In this way, we can ensure appropriate intervention in case of deviations from standards.


Fasteners for every application

High quality rivets, pins, cams and screws

We stand out for our flexibility and our ability to supply our products for both big (millions of pieces) and small (thousands of pieces) batches.

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Several machineries

Cold Forming

An up-to-date production

The core of the production process is certainly the cold forming.
The wire, supplied from historical suppliers, is cut and formed with modern and fast machineries.
The quality of our cold forming process is guaranteed by a monitoring equipment, built on every machinery, which can detect and stop if any deviation from production standards occurs.
Quality gates, optical measuring instruments, and highly skilled staff contribute to produce perfect fasteners.


Quenching and tempering, carbonitriding, annealing.

Heat treatments

Heat treatments for fasteners

Heat treatments, necessary to guarantee mechanical hardness and resistance features, are carried out by reliable partners working with us from more than 20 years.
Our quality system monitors the success of these processes. We can supply metallurgical certificate of the pieces.


Nickel plating, zinc-coating, copper plating, lamellar zinc treatments.

Surface treatments

Surface treatments and cleaning for fasteners

Thanks to a solid and ongoing partnership with different supplier, leaders in galvanic process, we can provide every type of treatments in short time.
Today we supply pieces in a wide range of surface treatments: nickel, zinc, copper, brass plating, lamellar zinc treatments and many others.
We are also able to ensure excellent cleaning of the finished product, removing all waste and oily substances, thanks to a last generation modified-alcohol washer.