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Production for a broad range of applications.

Our experience meets your requests

We are specialized in many applications: we produce fasteners for furniture, for electrical and electronic applications, for sporting and safety equipment. Rusconi Bixio has broad experience and lots of know-how gained over one century. We can satisfy requests from every industrial application in a short period of time, effectively and efficiently.


Total quality management

Controls, quality gates, automatic monitoring systems

Quality and reliability have always been the focus of our company. Rusconi Bixio has developed tools and abilities over the years, according with Kainzen’s principles, to reach total quality management.

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Pins for Hinges and household devices


Fastener for furniture

Rusconi Bixio gained a lots of experience in fasteners for furniture by serving several global partners.
Fasteners are widely used in furniture: we produce rivets and pins for hinges, drawer tracks, handles, locks, doors, shutters, sliding doors.
Our company know-how, built over several years of partnerships, guarantees a quality service in a short period of time, effectively and efficiently.


Rivets for contactors and control cabinets

Electrical and electronical applications

Fasteners for electrical and electronic applications

Rusconi Bixio is a leader in the production of rivets and pins for electrical and electronic applications.
Thanks to numerous partnerships with international companies, we have acquired a wide range of experience in this branch, gained by listening to the needs and requests of our clients.
We produce rivets for various uses, from temperature control applications to electrical contacts, from circuit breakers to industrial panels.


Rivets for outdoor and professional equipment

Safety and sport applications

Fasteners for safety and sport applications

Rusconi Bixio produces stainless steel, semi-tubular and solid rivets which, thanks to their mechanical features, find large applications in outdoor and professional equipment.
Our rivets and pins are used as fasteners in ski bindings, hiking shoes and boots, carabiners and much more.


Our experience at your service

Rivets for every application

Fasteners for each industrial purpose.

Rusconi Bixio works with national and international partners in many industrial fields.
Every year our pieces are used in musical instruments, scaffolding and structures, engines, chains, cutting tools and much more.
Thanks to our experience and our flexibility we are a reliable partner for every project.